24 July 2011

Irminenschaft Not Related to Wotanism

Here at the Irminen-Gesellschaft we have recently seen a small number of communications suggesting one sort of comparison or another to the Wotansvolk movement. While the differences between Irminenschaft and Wotanism seem obvious to us, apparently these differences are not as obvious to certain parties. So let's consider some of the major ways the two traditions differ...

  • Irminen use the name “Wodan” because it is an attested OHG name and for no other reason. Wotanism was originally seen as a strain within Odinism but coined the new name to differentiate itself from Odinists that lack Wotanism's racialist bent. Wotanism uses the MHG form of “Wotan” as a modern English amalgam meaning “Will Of The Aryan Nation”.
  • Wotanism espouses a viking-inspired warrior creed (the “creed of iron”); Irminenschaft lacks any sort of warrior aspect.
  • Wotanists believe that in the afterlife a Heathen chooses to either (A) go to Asgard to be merged with the “cosmic mind” or (B) go to Valhalla to later be reincarnated to struggle in the world of men. Non-Heathens are believed to go the Hel where their souls “dissolve into an energy chaos without form or thought”. Irminen believe that after death our soul-parts are separated so that parts of us may be reincarnated within the family line while others attend one of the godly abodes (to be determined at the divine thingstead).
  • The slogan of Wotansvolk, known as the “14 Words” is We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children - a highly charged political battle cry. The slogan of the Irminen-Gesellschaft is triuwa enti êra (OHG “fidelity and honour”) representing more a code of conduct. While the IG encourages our membership to be politically active the organization takes no particular stances regarding any specific issues or candidates.
  • Wotanism perceives itself as a religion for white people. Irminenschaft perceives itself as a religion for German-descended people.
  • Wotanists do not see themselves as being patriotic because of their belief in various conspiracy theories as regards the governments of nations. Irminen see ourselves as being extremely patriotic, thanking our ancestors for spreading our families to the lands in which we now reside.
  • The rites of Wotansim are based on Icelandic sources; the rites of Irminenschaft are based on German sources.
  • Wotanists see the gods as archetypes. Irminen see the gods as living divinities.

~~Steve Anthonijsz

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