30 December 2011

Moratorium on Zeitgeist Subscriptions

Due to some difficulties we have been experiencing here at Irminen-Gesellschaft headquarters getting cheques deposited we will not be accepting new subscriptions to Zeitgeist at this time. When out banking difficulties get squared away we will announce that we are accepting new subscriptions again both in this blog and in Zeitgeist magazine. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Of course, existing subscriptions will still be honoured; so those that are already subscribing will see no interruptions in service.

29 December 2011

ZEITGEIST #18 is in the mail!

In this issue: Adventures in Old High German by Karen Carlson; Valhalla Bound by Samuel Everhart;
Rites of the Sippâ by Steve Anthonijsz plus a review of Richard Rudgley's book Pagan Resurrection