13 March 2012

New Irminic Wesite

Die Irminen Gefolgschaft ("The Fellowship of Irminen") may be viewed at http://irminenschaft.weebly.com/

02 March 2012

The end... And a beginning

After long consideration the Irminen-Gesellschaft is closing its doors. Despite all our efforts it seems that the IG is simply not fulfilling its goals.

HOWEVER this is certainly not the end of Irminenschaft! The tradition will continue even after the demise of this organization. Already Vaygar Yngvi Elmersson and I have begun work on an online project called Die Gefährten Irminen (MoHG “The Irminic Companions”) to help promote Irminenschaft and other Irminen may develop their own projects in the near future.

Zeitgeist magazine will continue long enough to fulfil existing subscription commitments, and Roots of Irminsûl will continue as an Irminic blog. But the other functions of the IG are ending. May our ancestors guide us in our future endeavours...

Heil der Göttir!
Heil der altmâgâ!
Heil die Volk!

~~Steve Anthonijsz