05 June 2011

Personnel Changes

We are very happy to announce that the Irminen-Gesellschaft has a new board of directors! Cal Reimer has agreed to take on the position of secretary and Lonnie Collins is returning as vice-president. The dedication of both these gentlemen will prove to be a great asset to the IG, and their agreeing to work in this capacity is greatly appreciated. I will remain in the president's seat.
...And more news! While Zeitgeist #17 is already in production, after this issue we will see the return of Hjuka Coulter as the editor! We have all missed Hjuka's efforts in this organization and I'm sure that his return will be more than welcomed. Besides, he's much better at proofreading and layouts than I will ever be which will mean Zeitgeist will have a more “professional” look again.

The past year or two have been very trying for this organization. But it is my belief that these individuals taking these offices will prove to be a dramatic boon for us and, by extension, the Irminic movement as a whole.

Triuwa enti êra!

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