20 May 2011

Thoughts on the THOR at the Cinema

A number of Heathen blogs have been commenting on Marvel Studios' new THOR film. Some have complained that the script is inconsistent with ancient lore; while others complain about the casting of a black actor (Idris Elba) playing the character of Heimdall.
What do we have to say about all this? We say, “Get over it”!

First of all, if you are watching a picture film made by Marvel Studios or someone in Hollywood for spiritual edification, religious education, or in hope of making converts you are wrong. Movies are generally not a good source of information. Enough said about that.

Second of all, this picture is not about the Old Norse ÞórR or any other Heathen god (including our own Donar), but about the character that has appeared in Marvel Comics since 1962. Personally, I love motion pictures based on the comics I read as a child. But I do not confuse my childhood phantasy stories with anything in real life - including my Heathen triuwa.

As for casting a black actor to play a Scandinavian deity, well, Marvel Studios will have to explain their rationale behind this. While it doesn't make much sense to me – any more than having a white actor play a ninja – I don't find it offensive in any way either. Anyone can play a comic book character as long as the storyline explains why the character does not look as expected.

If one wants to enjoy an hour and a half of fun and escapism go enjoy the THOR movie! But don't confuse it with your triuwa just because this superhero has the same name as a real god.

~~Steve Anthonijsz IG

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